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Vermont State Historic Sites &
State Park Passes

(3 day check outs for up to 8 people in one vehicle)

State Parks:
Alburgh Dunes, Alburgh
Allis, Brookfield
Bomoseen, Castleton
Branbury, Salisbury
Boulder Beach, Groton
Brighton, Island Pond
Burton Island, St. Albans Bay
Button Bay, Ferrisburgh
Camp Plymouth, Plymouth
Crystal Lake, Barton
Lake Elmore, Elmore
Emerald Lake, Dorset
Jamaica, Jamaica, Londonderry
Kamp Kill Kare, St. Albans Bay
Kingsland Bay, Ferrisburgh
Knight Point, North Hero
Lake Carmi, Franklin
Lake St. Catherine, Poultney
Lake Shaftsbury, Shaftsbury
Lowell Lake, Londonderry
Maidstone, Maidstone
Molly Stark, Wilmington
Mt. Ascutney, Windsor & Weathersfield
Mt. Philo, Charlotte
New Discovery, Marshfield
Niquette Bay, Colchester
Sand Bar, Milton
Seyon Lodge, Groton
Silver Lake, Barnard
Underhill, Underhill
Waterbury Center, Waterbury Center
Wilgus, Ascutney
Woodford, Woodford


Historic Sites:
Bennington Battle Monument, Bennington
President Calvin Coolidge, Plymouth Notch
President Chester A. Arthur, Fairfield
Chimney Point, Addison
Hubbardton Battlefield, Hubbardton
Senator Justin S. Morrill, Strafford
Mount Independence, Orwell

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