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William H. & Lucy F. Rand Memorial History:

Librarian's Through the Years:

Susan Andrews: 1930-1959

Ann Butterfield: 1959-1977

Mrs. Jose Smith: 1977-1978

Debbie Gallop Murphy: 1978

Linda Santaw: 1979-1980

Georgia Zaveson: 1980-1984

Carol Zinn: 1984-1985

Georgia Zaveson: 1986-1994

Kathryn Dull: 1995

Dorothy Barlow: 1995-2000

Nancy Allen: 2001-2003

Gloria Willis: 2004-

Emily Andrews: 

Shirley Kasanoff:

Jennifer Dobler Molinski: 2015-

The William H. and Lucy F. Rand Memorial Library was originally located in one of the earlier houses built before 1878 and occupied by several different families, among them M. G. Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. William H. Rand, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Reagan and the Charles Lucier family.  Mr. Lucier also had a small woodworking shop at the rear of the house.  In the 1920’s Mr. Lucier decided to sell the place.  Mrs. Mabel Ireland, who was a granddaughter of the Rands, was visiting in the A. H. Butterfield home at the time and became interested in buying the building and converting it into a public library, which she donated to the Village of North Troy in memory of her grandparents, William and Lucy F. Rand.  The library moved to it’s present location in the Poulin Building  in 2001.

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